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Hako Cleanserv VL3-70 Wet Dry Canister Vacuum
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Hako Cleanserv VL3-70 Wet Dry Canister Vacuum

A high performance wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

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Hako Cleanserv VL3-70 wet/dry canister vacuum

Hako Cleanserv VL3-70 is a High-performance wet and dry vacuum cleaner for industrial use. The stainless steel hopper and three by-pass-cooled vacuum motors guarantee a long operating life. 3x 1,200 Watts clean away dust, splints and turnings, oily fibers and fluids. Convenient draining of fluids through a tilting device on the chassis and an additional draining hose. Antibacterial purification of waste air through Sanifilter.

Key Features:

Very robust, high performance wet and dry vacuum for industrial use.

Hopper made of indestructible high-grade stainless steel and 3 by-pass cooled suction motors. guarantee a long machine life.

With 3 x 1,200 watt the Cleanserv VL3-70 l fulfils all requirements – whether dry vacuuming of dusts, shavings and borings, milling remains containing oil or vacuuming liquids.

Emptying liquids is easily possible via the tipping device on the chassis or the handy outlet hose.

Anti-bacterial fibro filter used air cleaning.

Vacuum Motor Power: 3600W
Airflow Capacity: 168 litres/sec
Hopper capacity : 78 Litres
Weight: 34kg
Noise Level: 79db(A)
Cable Length: 12m
Warranty: 12 months (not including consumable parts)




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