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Ultimate Dustpan & Brush Set

Ideal for caravans, camping and hom

Wool Duster – 1.8m Extension Handle

Premium wool fibre duster which has a super long handle extendable to 1.8m, captures fine dust and lint for a thorough clean. Ideal to use on delicate surfaces which comes randomly packed in an assorted range of colours.

General Scrub

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General Scrub

Stiff, durable bristles for a thorough clean. Multi-purpose scrub ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Toilet Set – Stainless Steel

This enclosed Stainless Steel Toilet Set has a stylish design with a polished finish and a non-marking base. It is easy to use and the tough bristles provide a thorough and hygienic clean.

Industrial Toilet Rim Brush

Stiff heavy duty bristles remove tough stains.

300mm Floor Scrub

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300mm Floor Scrub

Ideal for use on tiles and grout.

Soft Grip Electrostatic Duster

Soft grip ergonimic handle wth electrostatic properties that attract and trap dirt for a thorough clean, gentle on furnishings and delicate on surfaces.

Ergo Long Handled Toilet Brush Set

Extra long handle reduces unnecessary bending.

Flexible High Dusting Wand

A flexible microfibre dusting wand which easily bends to get into those hard-to-reach places, featuring a quick release handle for changing between hand-held dusting and long handled dusting, extending to 1.25 metres. Ideal for capturing dust, dirt, hair and fine particles with no chemicals required.

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